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Choose from a wide range of options available to find the best way to purchase or finance your next property deal.

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Whether you are looking for high yields with excellent annual returns, capital appreciation or both. Look no further.

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Want to unlock the value of your property? We have options to maximise returns, including buying outright.

We work with both UK and International Investors.

Shariah Complaint Investments are available.

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Building Success for our Partners

With HQ UK Investments as a partner, we will help make your investment journey easier and provide great opportunities along the way.

Leading The Industry

We strive to cut through the issues landlords/property owners face when looking to offload a portfolio.
We try to make things clear as possible so you have increased visibility.

A Winning Formula

We provide flexible solutions, not just one product. When investing in residential, commercial and development opportunities, you have real choice. By ring-fencing mini portfolios into SPVs we invest alongside you and other investors.


We create SPVs with multiple properties to spread risk and make it easier to manage. You will always be one of many investors in an SPV and there is no limit to how many you can invest in. We are always the lead JV partner, your risk is shared with us.


We group properties together to reduce maintenance, management costs and  risk. Each mini portfolio is packaged and ring-fenced into an SPV, then a share of this SPV is offered to our partners at preferential rates.


We buy through an SPV to take into account taxation and ease of use. The company owns the properties, you buy shares in the company. A simple way to get into the property business for both novice and experienced property owners.

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Capital invested is at risk. The value of shares and investments and any income delivered from them can go down as well as up. You may lose some, or all of your investment. Returns are not guaranteed. Contents in this website have been prepared for information purposes only, they are not an offer for sale. HQ UK Investments does not offer financial advice. If you are unaware of the suitability of the investment, or do not fully understand the terms of the website or the offering documents, please consult an FCA regulated financial advisor able to give suitable advice. Products and services offered by HQ UK Investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The past performance of products and services undertaken by HQ UK Investments is not a guide for future performance.

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