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We are problem solvers first.

Our mandate is to find profitable deals for everyone involved but doing so may involve making deals you’re unfamiliar with. We talk through all possible options with you, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed in achieving your ambitions. We give you honest and fair advice, even if it means that we are unable to take your project forward.

There are a number of alternatives to cash purchases, some of which are explained below:


Providing landlords with the key benefit of purchasing a property and renting it out to cover all costs including the financing of the purchase price resulting in  a rental income in excess of the total costs.

Although you can benefit from capital appreciation and rent exceeding your costs, there is a risk your tenant fails to pay. Risk can be minimised by only accepting creditworthy tenants with references.


Providing tenants with the key benefit of both renting and buying as well as providing a guaranteed future sale at a fixed price. If the market goes against you, the deposit toward the purchase (the option) is not executed.

The fixed price at a later date, e.g. 3 or 5 years is good when values are static or falling, but can also be attractive when house prices are on the rise.

The initial benefit to the tenant is moving into a property straight away that could become their permanent home, without having to spend years saving up a deposit. The costs are fixed, no concerns with maintenance or building insurance etc. thus allowing the time and space to save up a deposit for later.

The benefit for you is that there is a guaranteed sale and if the sale does not go through, there is no loss as the rent and deposit are kept.

If the time does come for the tenant to buy but they still can’t afford the full deposit, we still have choices, either extend term, keep the deposit saved or consider shared ownership. We are always happy to explore solutions.


Sub- letting is now becoming more popular, renting a property from a landlord who allows you to sub let it in its entirety.

This gives the opportunity of not having to provide a large deposit and the difference in rent paid and rental income received. The figures can increase markedly when you start to consider converting the property into a HMO (House of Multiple Occupation). There are no concerns on whether the value of the property decreases as it is not owned.

The benefit to the landlord is that although the income is slightly lower than market rate, they have no worries about repairs, inconvenience or non payment by the actual tenant. They have a guaranteed return.

Lease Option

This is agreement where you agree to buy a property at a fixed date in the future for a fixed amount. You also take over any mortgage payments and running of the property. The amount varies on market price, future expected value and mortgage payments, if any.

It is ideal for landlords with a portfolio of properties, leveraged quite highly or may be worried about tax liabilities.

The rental income should cover all of the owner’s costs and leave a surplus (although the owner is still liable for paying the finance on the property if there is one).

If at the end of the term, you choose not to exercise their option (e.g. personal circumstances/property value below agreed purchase price) you can walk away, the seller has the rent for the term and whatever the cost of the option was.

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